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I'm so glad you are here! I'm Shelley, and I've been providing innovative therapeutic massage and yoga to my clients for over a decade. My passion is to help you feel better, move better, sleep better and just plain live better. 

In 2021, I closed my multi practitioner spa, Bodhi Tree Bodyworks, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I'm proud of the space my team and I created at Bodhi Tree, and I'm pleased as punch to be back in a new space now. 

Take a look around, learn more about what I'm up to these days, book online, or drop me a line if you need more assistance. Can't wait to see yall. 

- Shelley with leaf signature (1).png

Apotheca (?)

In ye olden days, an apothecary was a person and a place where you would go when you needed to fix what ailed you.

You might go in and get advice, or herbal preparations, or a magic charm.

While I'm not doling out old timey snake oil patent medicines, I like the idea of a modern day apotheca. You got pains and strains? Come to me and I'll help fix what ails you.

And ok, some magic (essential) oils, too. 

- Shelley with leaf signature (1).png
Chinese Medicine
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