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My Three Tricks:


1- make wednesday a "down night". So many of us get up early for the gym, chores, getting kids to school, we have long work days, make dinner, help with homework for our kids and sometimes ourselves. It's nice to take ONE night a week to underbook ourselves and sometimes this takes planning. Make enough food on tuesdays to repurpose leftovers on Wednesday. Maybe turn thursday mornings into a day off from the gym so you can get an extra half hour of sleep. If you normally don't watch tv at night, let yourself on Wednesdays. Counter: if you always watch tv at night, let that midweek night be a screen free night and read a book, learn a hobby, play board games....

2- Work harder! That sounds counter productive and mean, I know, but sometimes (especially during the work day) you need to power through and get stuff done. Don't let your slump turn into a downward spiral. Make a list first thing and get stuff done, friends.

3- Healthy habits > Feeding the slump. I know, I'm a broken record. But when you are feeling tired and down it's NOT the time to give in and stop your healthy habits. Make sure you DRINK your water, EAT healthy foods, and MOVE your body.

4- I know I said three, but this one is a bonus. Every week is a good week for massage, :-) Book yours today!

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