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Massage can be relaxing, restorative, and a great way to treat yourself. But is often so much more than that! While I can absolutely support you in your relaxation goals, I specialize in being a part of treating and preventing injuries, reducing lifestyle related pains, and supporting you while you build a healthier, more physically robust life. 

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What to Expect

Massage with me is practically 100% adaptable to your needs. We will work together to build a session and ongoing treatment plan that is accessible and beneficial to you. This might mean having lights dimmer or brighter, being more clothed, choosing your own music, and always having a conversation and consent about what the session will entail. 

Typically, massage sessions start with a few minutes while we talk about your goals that day. I'll leave you alone for a few minutes to get as undressed as you feel comfy with and under the covers on the massage table (undergarments are optional. You will always be properly draped by sheets and never exposed). 

Then I'll come back in, make sure you are comfortable and ready to begin. The body parts I massage, the length of time I spend on each area, and the modalities I incorporate vary depending on what you need and what you consent to. 


At the end of our session, I'll leave you once more to take a few minutes in quiet relaxation, get dressed, and then meet me to discuss follow up care and advice!

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How Often Should I get a Massage?

As much as you can! 

Ok but seriously, most of us would benefit from more massage that we are currently getting. Typically with a new client I will meet with you once, work on you, and then suggest a treatment protocol. 

Unless you literally suffer from zero ailments, pain, or stress, I'll likely recommend you return for several sessions closer together, then gradually spread them out until we hit a frequency that 

a) keeps you feeling great and uninjured

b) works for your schedule and lifestyle

c) works with your budgetary needs

My goal is ultimately that my clients feel great, most of the time, and come in as frequently or infrequently as they want to in order to preserve that status.

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