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February News!

Just a quick note and there will be much more to come!


I have had many requests recently to carry DoTerra Essential Oils again. I love their blends and use them still even though I wasn't a rep any more so it seemed natural to dip my toes back in the water. :-)

If you missed the order this month, don't worry. You can get in on March's order now, or shop at

I will also be stocking the office with single note oils, blends, spa products and more so you can always purchase what you like when you are at the office for a massage session!


Next week I still have a few openings!

Monday 2/20 at 930 and 115

Tuesday 2/21 at 930 and 11


I'm launching a new class next Monday at 11:30 at Authentic Yoga Life here in Denton, TX!

This class is a Gentle+Restorative format with lots of "flexibility" (haha) for me to assist beginners, prenatal, seniors, injured, athletes and more. If you have any questions give me a call at 972-251-3945 or visit I can't wait to see you in class again!

Apologies for the bare bones blog post today. I have big plans for this little corner of the website though, so do check in often for news you can use!



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