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Happiest of New Years to You!!

2018 is here, let’s make it amazing!

Whats new this year? Lots to come, but right now I’m trucking along with a very booked schedule, taking care of you guys (best clients ever!) and taking care of myself as well. I wanted to start this week out sharing a few things with you!

  1. If if you haven’t checked them out yet, the new essential oils I’m carrying are getting RAVE reviews. I have several blends and singles in stock right now retailing at 10-12 bucks a pop. Such an amazing deal, and Simply Earth is committed to ending human trafficking. So 13% of each purchase you make is going to that cause. Visit to learn more about this great company.

  2. I really am staying very booked these days. I do have two openings this week left (already booked as of this post!) Subscribe to my email list to be the first to know! Or you can always book online or hit me up if you need assistance.

  3. Valentines Day is coming, super fast! Gift certificates are always available (scroll down the massage menu to purchase online) for an exceptionally appreciated gift, and I’m putting together a special massage package this week, more news on that this weekend!

That's it for now! Have a great week!

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