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Curated Spa Collections at Bodhi Tree

We have so many amazing products available right now at Bodhi Tree Bodyworks. Of course, you've been able to stock up on Simply Earth Essential Oils here for over a year and we love that not only are these oils clean and high quality, they are affordably priced AND the company is committed to end human trafficking, donating 13% of every purchase to the cause.

Recently, we launched SOLAS, a special line of candles made with our essential oils. They are REALLY incredible, with a warm and creamy note added to the essential oil scent, due to the 100% Soy Wax base we used. Basically you need to come check them out.


Diffuser Jewelry

What better than essential oils, than diffuser jewelry to go with? We featured TEXAS GIRL TREASURES here starting in September of this year and the line just keeps getting better and better! Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets that are

creative and lovely, made with semi precious stones and other natural materials, each include an absorbent lava stone. Drop a little essential or perfume oil on the stone and enjoy a gentle diffused scent for hours!


LUNASEA BOTANICALS is our newest line to add to the studio, and we are pretty excited to offer it. You've heard about our Thermal Body Wrap Services at Bodhi Tree, and the amazing body butter we use for this treatment is now available for purchase to take home! Along with the Almond Coconut Body Butter, we added several other face and body care collections. Deep Sea is clarifying and fresh, Charcoal is purifying and clean, Coconut Rose is hydrating and luxurious. We will be adding more on a regular basis as well, but definitely check these out!

Lots of travel/mini sizes available now for stocking stuffers.

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