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Healthy From Home

Not Today Covid19

This is coming to you from the comfort of my home, hopefully to the comfort of yours. Life has drastically changed for so many of us this week, right?

We had announced at the beginning of the week that we would be closed until April 1st, at least, in order to follow the recommendations at the time to close and bunker down for 14 days. Since then, an executive order from the State has been announced with the reopening date of April 3rd.

We will of course be following this amended length of time for our closure and take this time to stay in with our families in order to protect our community and hopefully get back to business sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, Bodhi Tree is working (yay internet!) on releasing some regular content with encouragement, ideas for self care at home, tips for your body (those muscles and joints!) and skin, mind and spirit.

And you can help us too! We plan on being back at serving the community and helping every body feel and move better in the body they are in just as soon as we all come out on the other side of this crisis. But we are a small business, at the end of the day, and this closure is hard on each of us separately as well as together as a tiny company. If you are in a position to, consider investing in your self care in one of these ways:

*Purchase a Gift Card for yourself or others?

*Or how about a 5 pack of massages, or a 3 pack of facials, at a discount?

*Distance Tarot and Reiki Sessions means you don't have to miss out on all your Bodhi Tree services while you are homebound!

*Skinscript skincare available here can be shipped right to your door, keeping your skin healthy and vibrant at home!

And if you are wanting to support the Bodhi Tree team or a specific therapist/practitioner while we are closed, we have a virtual tip jar set up here on Venmo. If you add the employee(s) name you want your tip to go to we will make sure it gets to her. Otherwise it will be split evenly between the team.

These are great ways to support us while we wait to get back to supporting you! Of course we want to couch this information with a note that we 100% understand that everyone is worried, scared, and feeling insecure right now. While we definitely would benefit from some self care investments, we care about YOU first. And no matter what, we are going to be here for you in whatever way we can. We appreciate our amazing clients and friends!

On that note here is our self care tip for today :

Stay in the Moment. I know this sounds overly simplistic and I know we are all concerned about what the near and far future holds. However, my challenge to you is today, try to think about today. Worry and fear and anxiety to some degree has a place (because it helps us make better decisions sometimes. Fear of germs leads us to wash our hands. Worry over pandemic leads us to stay home. Anxiety about finances can lead us to call our landlord, or make steps to adjust spending, or ask for help). A small, reasonable about of anxiety can be normal and healthy. Yet, that same fear times 10, 100, 1000 and taking up all of our attention and energy is debilitating and useless. Be responsible, but take time to focus on what you can actually do today, and maybe that is spending time with your family or housemates, or facetiming your loved ones that aren't here, or picking up your favorite hobby, or listening to a new podcast. That's my challenge to you!

We miss all of you and we miss providing the skincare, body care, and heart care we have been working so hard at with our community for 3.5 years. Hang in there, and we will be here on the other side.

The Bodhi Tree Team

Shelley, Emily, Kelli, Kenzie, Hannah, Bethani and Jess


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