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doTERRA News

I'm Spotlighting SERENITY oil blend in the month of April! I've used this oil for about 5 years now, consistently. If you have been a client or yoga student of mine for a while you know this is one of my favorite blends of alllll time. (You also remember Citrus Bliss and Balance, but we will get there next month ;-) )

Serenity is a gorgeous blend of a bunch of single notes that are expertly combined so that they sing together, no one note taking over. Sometimes it is reminiscent of cocoa, sometimes the lavender plays strongly, sandalwood is always in the background along with vanilla mellowing it all out.

I love to use Serenity -

- In the Bath!

-Sprayed onto bed linens before bed (zzzzz)

-Added to my massage oil when I'm needing comfort, rest, and restoration.

Since this is the spotlight oil for April, I'm taking 15% off your order of Serenity when you place it before 4/10

Just call or text us at 972-251-3945 or email and we will hook you up with the info you need to place your order. Feel free to add any other oils you have been wanting to try as well! Take a look at the full catalog at

(I will always take off 10% from retail pricing any time you order through me, but I like to offer these spotlights once a month to get you a little bigger of a discount and introduce you to something new!)

Thanks loves, happy Spring!


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