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October News

I know it's still hot out yall but we are getting there. I wanted to drop some news here and just fill you in on some changes to the website, additional massage (and more) services I'm offering, and announce some new package deals.

1- NEW BOOKING SOFTWARE. I have dealt with a few issues with Vagaro over the years, and I am migrating all booking to my website, via Wix. The website itself got an overhaul and I expect some hiccups over the next few weeks while we all acclimate, but nothing major. Go ahead and poke around, let me know if you need any assistance, and we will figure this out together!

2- Speaking of new website design, I have added a few things to the site, and my menu of offerings. I've been working hard at getting ready to accept personal training and nutritional coaching clients, and that's all available now. You can book individual sessions, monthly memberships, and get PT package deals at a discount. All in a joyful, non toxic-diet-culture, body positive space that I've always tried to foster.

3- I also successfully figured out that I can offer a THREE-HOUR massage, and it's as amazing as it sounds. This session is a slow moving, transformative, fire cupping and hot stone and Thai massage masterpiece. Don't take my word for it, book one for yourself and see.

4-Packages! I've had a lot of people request 5 and 10 packs again and I think the trauma of covid has waned enough that I'm ready to do it. lol You can purchase 5 and 10 packs for all therapeutic massages, 10 packs of personal training, and monthly memberships for nutrition and strength coaching.

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